The Mediation Collection Professionals™

President, George Stella, attorney, New York Bar, with over eighteen years sales, sales management success in broadcast and cable ad sales at Petry Television, Katz Communications, Lifetime Cable Television Network, WNBC-TV and NBC-TV, in addition to over 18 years of media collection management at CCR..

Vice President and General Manager, Thomas J. Hogan, with over thirty years media collection management, considered to be the Number 1 collection manager in the country.

Why Choose CCR?

1. A team of media collection representatives skilled in solving ad sales impasses.
2. Bonded & Insured.
3. Memberships:  Media Financial Management Association, International Radio and Television Society, NYS Broadcasters Association, International Association of Commercial Collectors.
4. More competitive rates than most of our competitors.
5. Accounts receivable outsourcing.
6. CCR is available for seminars at your group meetings to conduct educational presentations on topics such as:  "collection techniques for sales people and sales techniques for collection managers" and "the legal aspects of ad sales and ad collections".  We have done this for the BCCA, the networks and various broadcast groups.