For your convenience in the placement of pending receivables we have created an e-mail claim placement form.  In placing a claim(s), please provide the information requested so that we might begin the collection process with the necessary information to be as effective as possible.

    Should you prefer to forward claims to us via either fax or regular mail, please do not hesitate to do so.  If you have e-mailed a placement(s) to us, supporting documentation may then be faxed or mailed, at your convenience.

    In making a claim placement, please tell us if you wish to have us send a final notice to your account.  The choice of which service to initially select is entirely yours.  However, if you would like our input in evaluating a particular claim or set of circumstances, please do not hesitate to ask.

    The first communication you will receive from CCR will be a claim acknowledgment.  If you have not received the acknowledgement on a timely basis in the requested manner (mail, fax, e-mail), then please contact us to confirm our receipt of your placement.

E-Mail Claim Placement