CCR's team of professionals can proudly call upon a combined 60 years of experience serving the communications industries. This experience includes a combination of elements merged specifically to provide a powerful collection force previously unavailable to those industries. These element include both years of hand-on experience in successfully dealing with agencies and advertisers in the collection of outstanding accounts, as well as additional years of sales and sales management within the media itself, at firms such as NBC-TV, WNBC-TV, Petry Television, Lifetime Cable TV Network, and Katz Communication. Add to this the fact that a member of CCR's management team is admitted to the Bar in New York State, and you have a blend which offers not only an innate understanding of the process needed to effectuate rapid collection of delinquent accounts, but also of the nuances unique to the media industries. The approach gained as a result of these years of experience can only be offered by CCR and is carried through every strategy session to ensure the most beneficial resolution of problem accounts.